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Innovative Tools that Shape the Renewable Energy Future

We’re not just business as usual.

EcoEnergy draws from the broad technical experience of our staff and lessons learned from past projects to improve upon standard industry practices. Some of our recent innovations include: EcoProspector, which helps focus project development; and EcoNet, which is used to design more efficient power collection networks. We have also been working on High Visibility Marking guidelines for our 60 meter met towers.

We don't just deliver projects. We deliver better, more efficient projects.

EcoProspector: Bringing a Clear Focus to Wind Project Development

EcoProspector is a unique modeling tool that removes the guesswork and delays involved in siting wind projects. We begin with readily available GIS data, and apply a proprietary process to evaluate project areas. The results focus time & efforts for land acquisition and project siting. EcoProspector provides a proven competitive advantage in taking projects from development through construction.

The EcoProspector Advantage:

  • Optimized land and siting efforts
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced costs

EcoNet: Better Results through Better Engineering

The EcoNet Intelligent Power Collection System improves on the business-as-usual approach to power project collection systems. EcoNet employs a patent-pending process to minimize lifecycle costs and to maximize returns for multi-generator power collection systems. The EcoNet design also delivers higher system reliability, to minimize system down-time.

The EcoNet Advantage:

  • Reduced construction costs
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs

High Visibility Marking for 60 meter Meterological (Met) Towers

EcoEnergy has been developing ways to make our met towers more visible to pilots. We recognize that aerial application, also known as crop dusting, is an important tool for farmers to use to manage their crops. Likewise, pilots undertaking emergency rescue must be aware of the met towers.

By collaborating with the aerial application industry and emergency rescue personnel, we have developed guidelines for High Visibility Marking for our 60 meter met towers. These efforts have been recognized by the National Agricultural Aviation Association. You can read their letter of support here.

Learn more about our approach to Project Development.

Download more information on:

EcoProspector (PDF, 159kb)

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EcoNet (PDF, 156kb)

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High Visibility Marking for

60m Met Towers (PDF, 222k)

High Visibility Marking thumbnail