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Our people embody the word "energy." We have dozens of professionals representing all of the fields necessary to staff a leading-edge alternative energy company, and we are unique in the industry in the both the breadth and depth we bring to our projects.

EcoEnergy is a Midwestern company whose employees live and work in many of the towns that host our projects. Our employees are professionals intensely committed to alternative energy. Their diverse backgrounds and broad-based life experiences give EcoEnergy a tremendous vigor and enthusiasm unparalleled in most companies. In their free time our people are pilots, prairie enthusiasts, computer whizzes, coaches, marathoners, movie-makers, kayak guides, yoga teachers, non-profit volunteers, musicians, woodworkers, gardeners, activists, artists — and devoted family members. Their lives — and the lives they touch — make for compelling, reading in our Stories sidebar. In short, they personify "energy."

Our vision of being the best possible alternative energy company includes a partnership with the community leaders and landowners who organized to bring wind farms to their area. For more, please visit our Community Involvement page.

Working together, we can all create a greener, stronger, healthier planet. The technology is here, and people make it reality. If contributing to a healthier plant in an exciting work environment sounds appealing to you, please review our Careers.

For more information on our high-performing staff, contact us.

To learn more about joining the EcoEnergy team, check out our career opportunities.

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