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Energy Assessment

Real Estate and Contract Management

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Energy Assessment

Our energy assessment team provides in-house wind assessment data analysis and modeling at every step of the development process.

Integration with Real Estate and Geographic Information Systems departments allows us to better identify project needs, and to feed modeling results back into the development process. Development strategies are based on the latest modeling, micrositing, or real estate information. The results are a more dynamic and efficient development process.

Evaluating the Wind Resource

  • Selecting met tower sites
  • Obtaining met tower leases
  • Securing local met tower permits
  • Deploying met towers
  • Collecting and analyzing wind data
  • Modeling for energy assessment plan

Analyzing and Modeling Data

  • Creating initial energy assessment at tower locations
  • Analyzing data with Windographer
  • Modeling the wind resource over the project area with WAsP
  • Micrositing the turbines with Windfarmer
  • Calculating the energy production with Windfarmer
  • Modeling sound with Windfarmer

Assuring Data Integrity

  • Monitoring of data quality
  • Checking met tower instrument quality
  • Maintaining met towers and instruments

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How does energy assessment work?

Gathering the data

Our energy assessment team uses meteorological towers (aka met towers) to measure the wind speed and direction.

Modeling the wind

A wind model begins with wind data, and incorporates other factors such as terrain and land cover. Data are fed into software which calculates the wind speed across the entire project.

Siting the project

Micrositing is the process of finding the best placement for wind turbines. Many factors affect the final layout of the wind farm including: wind speed, permitting requirements, and engineering concerns.