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High, Open Spaces

Just because you can fly a kite on a field doesn’t mean that it would make a good wind facility location!

What constitutes a suitable site can be complicated. When evaluating a potential wind power site, many variables must be considered: Is there transmission capability? Are area landowners supportive of a project? Are there high, open spaces with a good wind resource?

Wind speeds, patterns, and history all play a part, as does the equipment that will be used to harness the wind resource. Turbine height, rotor diameter, and generator design can all affect site selection. For example, taller turbines capture the higher wind speeds that are found high above the ground, and today’s turbine and blade technology squeezes more power out of even light winds.

As the technology advances, more sites will be desirable for wind energy development. We are committed to staying completely current in all of our wind-related capabilities so that our wind energy facilities are as up-to-date as possible.

With technology and talent on our side, EcoEnergy is able to maximize the energy potential in our wind energy facility sites. We know that wind is a very viable way to produce power and help protect our natural resources, and we work closely with local communities as well as regulatory and environmental groups to ensure that EcoEnergy develops smart and responsible projects.

Wind energy has a bright future — one that helps us preserve high, open spaces while lessening our dependence on the fossil fuels that harm our environment.

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