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As the fastest growing renewable energy technology, wind power is both new and old. It is a proven technology, utilized for thousands of years to pump water and propel ships through the seas. Today, thanks to state-of-the-art wind turbines, this clean energy source can also illuminate cities and power factories, schools, and homes.

EcoEnergy has the knowledge and experience to make wind a powerful agent of change. We have a complete cadre of experts capable of developing, engineering, and managing the construction of wind projects. These projects help our country fulfill the growing demand for electric power.

EcoEnergy has the resources to manage wind projects with Project Development. We have all the required skills in-house, which ensures an efficient, integrated methodology from the early conceptual stages.

Our integrated approach allows siting issues to be identified early in the process, leading to a more efficient and viable project.

Community Involvement is also important to any project’s success. Our people work with the local community on a local and personalized level throughout the entire process to further ensure the success of the completed project.

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What's Old is New Again

From 1866 to 1942, Stover Manufacturing was a bustling business headquartered in Freeport, Illinois. Dedicated to the manufacture of “modern” windmills, it sold its nature-powered products all over the world through the Sears, Roebuck and Co. catalog.

The company enjoyed a sterling reputation. Families were proud to put up an award-winning Stover windmill. In fact, William Ford, the father of Henry Ford, took a special interest in the product at Philadelphia’s Centennial Exposition in 1876. The windmill had won a number of honors, including ribbons at the Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania state fairs. William decided to purchase one for the Ford family farm. When Henry restored his boyhood home in 1919, he took care to locate a Stover windmill for the site.

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Old wind tower

Courtesy Windmillers’ Gazette newsletter